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Township boards express their formal policies that apply to the general population of the township by adopting ordinances. Ordinances are local laws adopted by a township that state the rule for a specific activity or set of activities, and the civil penalties that will apply for violations. The ordinance prescribes the rule and procedure for how the rule is to be administered. Some township ordinances do not impose a penalty for violation, while others do. The real purpose of local ordinance is not to punish the violator, but to obtain compliance with the rules. However, after a warning, or warnings, to correct the violation, the ordinance does permit a civil penalty to be imposed. Ronald Phillips is the Ordinance Enforcement Officer.

Wilber Township enforces the following ordinances:

The Township is also covered by the Iosco County Animal Control Ordinance.

and is also covered by the Iosco County ORV Ordinance.

Laws, Reg's, Enforcement, Education Etc. DNR - ORV/ATV-State of Michigan

In accordance with the availability and schedule of the cemetery sexton, please be mindful that adequate notice is being requested as best as possible for making your arrangements for scheduling interment or burials. Typically full casket burials are scheduled by funeral homes.

All requested dates will be subject to the sexton’s availability and the sexton will not be available seven days a week. We are no longer doing interments or burials on Sundays and there will be an additional fee required of $200 for Saturdays and holidays.

This page last updated on 7/31/2023.

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