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Wilber Township had 286 ballots cast in our August 2 Primary Election. That included 143 Absentee Voters, half of our turnout which was 40% of the registered voters. This is down a couple percent from 2020 but with that being a Presidential Election year that is expected. While this may appear a low amount it well exceeded the county total of just under 30%.

I wish to thank our five election inspectors, who worked from before daylight to after dark, for running the election. They kept everything running smoothly with a minimum of delays for voters even though there were several paper jams which caused short delays. Some of the jams were caused by the high humidity and some by voters filling in write-in spots on the ballots and not writing in a candidate. Most of that appeared to be a result of so many positions, in one party or another, not running candidates. THANK YOU, Inspectors. Any of you that are interested in becoming an election inspector should contact the township office.

The election results for Wilber and Iosco County are available at https://iosco.net/departments/clerk-2/election-results/.

The last day to register on-line or at the Secretary of State offices for the November General Election is October 24th. After that date you will need to make address changes and register in person at our office.

Gary Mallon, Election Clerk

This page last updated on 8/9/2022.

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